In a memorandum opinion today, the Amarillo Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a woman who lost her son in a tragic on-the-job injury. The case, Texas Mutual Insurance Company vs. Rosa Mendez, Case Number 07-19-00087-CV, involved a worker at a plant that made sand used in fracking. The mechanism that transported product into

Each day, Texas residents drive to and from work, expecting to arrive safely. On many occasions, employers may provide either (1) company-owned transportation or (2) financial reimbursement for travel expenses using a private vehicle. Both situations would be in furtherance of the responsibilities of the job and are directly connected with the performance of the

Two things happened this week to raise the consciousness of the public towards the inadequacies of workers compensation. First was a major piece of reporting by Pro Publica and NPR that conducted an exhaustive examination of workers compensation benefits, state by state. You can find the articles here:

The reporters chief findings:

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