What happens if I find a new job while on workers comp?

In the state of Texas, they put a very, very high premium on people getting back to work as soon as possible. We have seen that when people return back to work as soon as possible, they actually have increased outcomes on workers comp and in our office, we certainly want you to have the best outcome possible and we want you to return to work as soon as possible. If your employer that you were working for when you’re injured no longer has a job for you, you’re free to go out and get another job.

However, you want to make sure that that job is one that is consistent with your restrictions that you might be on. You want to make sure that, that job is one that you can do, but if you do get offered a job that is within your restrictions and it’s one that you can do certainly you want to take advantage of that opportunity but when you do, you also need to let your attorney know and you also want to make sure that the insurance company knows about it. But certainly you want to go out and find a job if you can, you want to work that helps you get actually a better outcome on your workers’ comp when you return to workers as soon as you can.