What happens to my workers compensation if I test positive for drugs or alcohol?

Often times, someone gets injured on the job and they’re forced to do a urinalysis or a blood test and it tests positive for some type of an illegal substance. When that happens, their claim is denied. So the question arises, what do I do now? Well, it’s important that you talk to a lawyer if you’ve tested positive for any kind of illegal substance, because just because you’ve tested positive, doesn’t mean that your claim is barred. But what that does is is it shifts the burden of proof on a worker’s comp case so, that the injured worker has to not only prove their claim, but the injured worker also has to prove that they had the normal use of their physical abilities and their mental abilities at the time the injury occurred. There can be some very important things with respect to your case, so it’s very important that you talk to a lawyer if your claim is denied for testing positive for any kind of illegal substance.